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17 DD Cycle 3

Cycle 3 of The 17 Day Diet also known as Achieve phase.

Jogging is great cardio

Jogging is great cardio

So if your reading this you have successfully completed the 17 day diet plan so far and I do hope that you have enjoyed it .

There should be now less of you in weight, you should be fitting into those long forgotten clothes and feel a lot better about yourself.

In this cycle we will be introducing some new foods that have been restricted in earlier parts of the 17 day diet.

All food groups are reintroduced in the cycle 3 phase which is called the achieve phase and there it is still important that lean cuts of meat are used and non starch vegetables are used.

This cycle three phase will set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating routines. What I mean by this is that you should have regular mealtimes and sometimes its OK to feel hungry for a short period of time as you can fill up on water or a coffee. It is vital that you don’t just eat when you feel like it.

If you have achieved the 10- 15 pounds that you were looking to lose you may skip this section and go straight to cycle 4  but for most of us which included me we will have to march on and accomplish this phase of the 17 day diet to lose weight and to get to our target.

Some experiences you may have felt already are:

That you are sleeping better, your stomach is flatter, your mood is more upbeat, you feel less hungry and have more energy and you fit your clothes better. These are all positive things in your life now that you did not have before your started the 17 day diet and this should spur you on to continue to lose weight.

The weight loss in this part of the cycle will slow down a little so do not be to surprised by this and definitely do not be disappointed as you have achieved something that many cant and its down to your success with the 17 day diet.

So there are 3 major factors I want you to avoid for this period or cycle and the are:

1.  Don’t eat carbs after 2 pm, now this has been true for the previous 2 cycles of the diet and I advise you if you don’t want to have your weight plateau I would continue to this this. On the other hand if you have had enough of this rule it is OK to have some carbs at your mealtime or dinner. Take into account that you will lose weight a lot slower this way but if it means keeping you on the right road do so.

2.   Increase your workout: Whether you have been doing a 20 minute walk or aerobic exercise  you will want to increase it as this is this cycle as mentioned that you will lose the least weight so therefore increasing the cardio workout will balance things out a little. So set yourself a target of increasing whatever you have been doing for an extra 15 minutes a day.

3  If you can avoid alcohol as it throws a spanner in the works for most of us . When we are alcohol free we are more disciplined in what we eat so therefore when were not we tend to eat things we know we should not. Don’t forget that there are so many calories in each glass of wine or bottle of beer so they really should be taken in moderation if possible. You will thank me in 17 days.


Some guidelines for cycle 3 of the 17 day diet.

Curb your cravings with fruit

Curb your cravings with fruit

  • Continue to remove skin from any meat and also cut off any any fat that is visible.
  • Keep your portions of protein meats down to a fistful and no more as you will be eating other foods.
  • 2 eggs per day are allowed but keep it down to no more than 4 in a week.
  • You can now have as much vegetables as you like and this includes all types of fruit.
  • Eat slowly and only till full and don’t overload.
  • If possible double your exercise routine
  • 1 alcoholic drink per day.


Some of the foods that are allowed are as follows.

Proteins : Fish including shellfish, Poultry from the previous 2 cycles. Reduced fat Turkey or luncheon meat.

Natural starches:  Breads :Gluten free bread, fiber enriched bread, multi grain bread, oat bran bread, pumpernickel, whole wheat bread.

High fiber Cereals 1 cup: All bran, fiber one, gluten free cereals.

Pasta: 1/2 cup : whole wheat pasta, gluten free pasta, high fiber pasta.

Vegetables as before with some additional ones added and are available in our guides click here for more.

Some further allowed foods: Granola bar, baby bell low fat cheese, string cheese,low fat cottage cheese, light mayonnaise, nuts or seeds , reduced fat margarine and salad dressings.

Please feel free to look at our menus and recipes and these can be purchased from the following link. All the allowed foods for the 17 day diet cycle 3 phase are not listed above as this is just a quick guide and not as in depth as the book.


Increase exercise

Every morning when you wake of drink one 8oz cup of water, you can sweeten it with lemon juice if preferred but it essential that you drink this on an empty stomach.

I have included a full list of sample menus and recipes for every day of the 17 day diet in the links provided and this will keep you from guessing and give you some great ideas as well.

At the end of the cycle 3 if you require to lose additional weight you may return to the accelerate cycle and then furthermore continue on with this third cycle phase.

I hope you are feeling more confident in yourself and also feel the benefits as I spoke about earlier of being fitter and also healthier. If you are tempted to go out and indulge in a high carb , high calorie meal do think of how you felt at the start of this diet. How desperate were you to initially lose weight and how far you have come to get to this point of the 17 day diet.

Have a look at this great video outlining the 17 day diet cycle and what foods you can eat.

As previously mentioned the cycle 3 of this diet may be the least for weight loss but you can counteract this by eating no carbs after 2pm or doubling your exercise and also by avoiding alcohol.

The main purpose of the achieve phase is to re teach some forgotten eating habits and to re-invite your body to a healthier state.

Please feel free to like us on Facebook or to leave a comment and let us know how you are getting on with the 17 day diet, many thanks

Dave B

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